Exploring Peru: Land of the Inca

12/11/2019 through 12/30/2020
12/12/2019 through 01/09/2021
Lindblad Expeditions

Exploring Peru: Land of the Inca

Experience Peru Expedition-style, Immersive & In-depth
Joining an expedition to Peru is an unparalleled experience of Inca wonders, colonial cities, and a rich cultural heritage. A knowledgeable, enthusiastic staff caters to your daily interests and provides insight. Our expedition will enable you to:

  • See daybreak over the ruins at Machu Picchu from the fabled Sun Gate, with only a handful of visitors
  • Discover Cusco’s array of cultural influences and explore the Sacred Valley of the Inca with a National Geographic expert
  • Explore the massive stone Inca stone fortress of Ollantaytambo

Ancient civilizations & modern day life
The genius of the Inca architects is evident in the ruins left standing today. At Machu Picchu, the terrain is so jagged that only 35% of the territory has been examined. The harsh surroundings are strategic to Machu Picchu, lending this sanctuary a fusion of beauty and harmony with nature. Mountain-top views from this ancient citadel are a photographer's dream. Cusco, capital of the Inca dynasty, was once a holy city. As a result, many splendid styles of architecture are found here. Contemporary Cusco is surrounded by sculpted agricultural terraces from long ago. Our guides reveal the wonders of ancient civilizations, and reveal the Inca influence in contemporary life, too.

Travel with an exceptional team
You will experience Peru’s wonders as part of a small group, no more than 18 guests per guide. And each of our guides is local and veteran—they know these sites intimately, focusing on the history and far-reaching cultural influence to add to your understanding and appreciation. In addition, a National Geographic writer and historian will spend time with you in the Sacred Valley of the Inca to add extra layers of insight.


Day 1 U.S./Lima, Peru
Day 2 Lima/Cusco/Sacred Valley of the Inca
Day 3 Sacred Valley of the Inca
Day 4 Sacred Valley/Machu Picchu
Day 5 Machu Picchu/Cusco
Day 6 Cusco
Day 7 Cusco/Lima
Day 8 Lima/U.S.

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